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Chinesse Hot Celebrity. In addition to ordinary scholars of sociology, there is also a special group of sociologists known as a psychiatric social worker who has received basic education in social work and an expert in family casework. Groups of social workers are looking for inlbrmasi about past history of individual, family background, social status, and general conditions of society. They analyzed this social data and provide important information for the therapist in a psychiatric clinic. In mental institutions, psychiatric social workers supervise patients who are removed permanently or temporarily, thus they help patients who have removed it in an effort to adjust themselves back in the communities where they live.Anthropology: Anthropology who, investigating the primitive man and the product of their culture can help the science of mental health in its efforts to reduce the occurrence of individual maladjustment. Because of technical knowledge about the influence of specific cultural practices in personality growth, anthropologists can help the expert knowledge of mental health in seeking ways and means to achieve a healthy personality development. An example of the assistance provided by the anthropologist it is the anthropological distinction between family-kaluarga patriarchal and matriarchal. Because anthropologists have investigated families, they may have useful data and can be used by the expert knowledge of mental health to reduce conflicts in different families.

Another example is when one is dealing with adjustment problems with a foreign culture, anthropologists have specific data about the effects on personality development if someone from certain cultural backgrounds dealing with such problems. A common form of darts cultural conflicts thus contained in the difficulties of adjustment married couples who have religious and cultural backgrounds are very different. Therefore, if mental health experts to investigate the science of mental conflict and anxiety of the people caused by cultural differences, he obtained enough data from the research work of anthropologists.